The following regulations are originated for your coziness and it is up to you as a guest to know the campsite rules. For questions, contact the reception.

1. Gränna Camping is an SCR-affiliated campsite.

2. Residential Address and ID is required to stay on the SCR-affiliated campsites.

3. Gränna Camping is a family campsite with a minimum age limit of 20 years. The age limit does not apply to families where at least one parent is staying at the campsite.

4. Sign up at the reception immediately on arrival. Notify upon arrival if you bring extra tents, boat, etc.

5. A valid Camping Key Europe must be showed at arrival.

6. Fees. See separate price list.

7. Temporary visitors must register at the reception and are asked to park their vehicles in the parking lot outside the campsite.

8. Swedish motorhomes shall, unless otherwise agreed, be approved by Svensk Bilprovning.

9. Only one vehicle per camping pitch / cabin is permitted.

10. A general rule of the campsite is to show respect. Disruptive behavior is not allowed. Drive in walking speed.

11. Campsite host and his staff are responsible for peace and order.

12. All camping equipment of normal type and size may be used. However, it is not allowed to set up so-called tent houses of permanent character.

13. Fences and dikes are not allowed without special permission. Ask if you are in doubt about what you are entitled to do.

14. Ensure that gas and electric equipment is tested and approved according to regulations.

15. Car washing is not allowed on the campsite.

16. It is forbidden to let other guests use your personal access card.

17. Diesel power plant are not allowed to use.

18. Camping Guest are not allowed to lease or rent campsite in second hand.

19. All types of firearms, as well as fireworks, bows, darts, etc is not allowed on the campsite.

20. In most places, there are special playgrounds and ball fields . Ball games among the tents and motorhomes is not allowed.

21. Keep your dog on a short leash and pick up after it.

22. Sales to and within the campsite can only occur with the manager's permission.

23. Help us to keep the campsite clean.

24. Leave the common areas (toilets, laundry, shower, kitchen and dishes) in the same condition you would like to find them.

25. It is forbidden to smoke in all cabins and in all common areas of the campsite. It is also forbidden to have pets in the common areas and in some of the cabins. If smoke and / or pet ban is not respected you will be charged a cleanup fee of at least 3000 SEK.

26. Departure. Unless otherwise agreed with the reception, the campsite has to be vacated and cleaned up before 12.00 am on the day of departure.

27. The manager and staff are not liable for damage to, or loss of, camping guests' belongings.

28. Most campers behave considerately. The staff may, in exceptional cases, be forced to take action against guests who do not respect the above simple and obvious rules of conduct. Campers who creates a disturbance in the area may be rejected and the person's camping card can be blocked.

29. Be careful about nature - it needs your protection.

30. All motorhomes / tents  should be parked at the campsite according to the Swedish Rescue Services Agency general advice and commentary on fire at camping facilities.


Phone: 0390-107 06
Postadress: Box 14, 563 21 Gränna
Visitaddress: Hamnvägen 49, 563 31 Gränna

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