With electricty

Our sites with electricity are placed on the area number 4 on the map. All sites are grass covered.

To be able to set up your caravan / camper / tent according to Swedish rescue Services Agency general rules for the presentation you need when booking or upon check to know how big your caravan / camper / tent is. All seats are equipped with CEE connectors. The power outlet is 10A.

It is possible to book a specific seat number with us, we always take into account the wishes and will always do our best for you to fit as desired.

Without electricity

Location without electricity are located on the area number 5 on the map. Area 5 is a vast field that is approximately equal to the area number 4 and can accommodate about 100 carriages. 

Since there are no marked places there are usually a little more opportunity to spread here. Remember that you must set up your rig according to the prevailing rules from the Fire Authority.

Usually there is no problem to fit without electricity, but it is a very warm and nice summer day can be full here. Please contact the reception if you have questions or want to know how the booking situation looks at the field without electricity.

Check-in between the hours. 14:00-18:00  
Check-out not later than noon. 12:00

If you have any questions or want to book a seasonal site, please contact the reception for more information.


Phone: 0390-107 06
E-mail: Info@grannacamping.se
Postadress: Box 14, 563 21 Gränna
Visitaddress: Hamnvägen 49, 563 31 Gränna

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