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Welcome to Sweden and Europe. Camping Key Europe is the card that connects campsites throughout Europe. With the card in your wallet, Europe is open for you and your holiday will be more comfortable, safer and cheaper. When you check in to our campsite, that is an SCR-affiliated campsite, you need a Camping Key Europe.

Why Camping Key Europe? 

There are several reasons why we apply card system: 

  • The card fee helps to ensure the quality of the experience. Revenues from the card can, for example, develop electrical safety, fire safety, environmental issues and development of camp sites. 
  • The card provides fast handling at Check In. No paperwork to fill out, just swipe the card and you're done. This makes the work on the campsites more effective and holds the camping fees down.

Added value for the guest: 

  • Quick in- and out check on all SCR-affiliated campsites
  • Accident insurance. With the card, the whole family is insured in an accident.
  • Access to, and discounts, on thousands of campsites in Europe
  • Discounts and Offers in Sweden and in Europe.
  • The card costs 150 SEK per year and you can buy it on


Who is behind the Camping Key Europe?

Camping Key Europe is owned by Camping Key Alliance. SCR is a party to the Camping Key Alliance, the other parties are NHO Reiseliv Norway, Camping Council in Denmark, Finland, Camping, ANWB in the Netherlands and ADAC in Germany. More information is available at


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