Nature and Culture

Our entire county is full of nature and attractions! Below you'll find just a small selection. For more inspiration, please visit  the tourist office website and the website of  Visingsö.


Take a walk up to Grännaberget and go along the mountain ridge and enjoy the beautiful scenery and a stunning view of Gränna and Visingsö.


Located by Lake Vättern just south of Gränna. A small picturesque village with exciting history, dating back to the Middle Ages. Bring your own picnic basket and enjoy the tranquility, the beautiful environment and the lovely view of the lake.


Uppgränna village is located just north of Gränna. From Uppgränna you can go up a path to Per Brahes grand castle fortress, Brahehus from where you have a beautiful view of Gränna and lake Vättern.


A nature reserve just north of Gränna. Girabäcken is a cozy area with a creek that runs through a gorge and empties into lake Vättern.

Hiking trails

Gränna and Visingsö has a number of beautiful hiking trails. Take the opportunity to hike in the largest oak forest on Visingsö, or hike the trail that runs through the nature reserve.


Grenna museum is perhaps best known for its Polar Centre that includes the exhibition of engineer S A Andrées (born in Gränna ) balloon flight to the North Pole July 11 , 1897.


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