Handicap accessible cabin

4 bed cabin

Special handles, which can be folded down by the toilet seat and a chair in the shower. Shower and bathroom are large in these cabins so there are plenty of space. All 4 bed cabins have only bunk beds and it is therefore not possible to use the lift in these cottages.

6 bed cabin

Two bedrooms. One of the rooms has a small double bed, and its possible to use a lift. The 6 bed cabin has the same equipment as in the 4 bed cabin and there is also handles in the shower.

Make your stay easier

  • Final cleaning, Sleep in on departure day and let us do the cleaning for you!
  • Linens, Get more space in the car when travelling. 100: - / set, we provide with linneset and towels during your stay!


Phone: 0390-107 06
E-mail: Info@grannacamping.se
Postadress: Box 14, 563 21 Gränna
Visitaddress: Hamnvägen 49, 563 31 Gränna

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